Cookie Guidelines - SE-BLUSEN STENAU GmbH

We use so-called cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files your Internet browser installs on the terminal device you use where they are saved. A cookie as such does not contain or collect any of your personal data or any data about how you use the Internet. However, personal data may be saved in cookies if you consented or if strictly necessary for technical reasons  (e.g. to enable a protected login).

However, the cookies on your computer or on the terminal device you use can ensure that services and content that specifically match your needs are provided to you when you visit a website – for instance by reminding you of the products or preferences you selected. During this process, only the cookie on your terminal device is identified but not your terminal device or you yourself.

We use cookies to remind you of your selections and your preferences in order to increase user friendliness by improving our websites and offering content that is tailored to your needs.

Cookies enable us to save the following information, inter alia:
- your browser settings, such as the type of browser you use and which plug-ins you have installed. This means that we don’t have to ask you every time you visit out website whether you have installed the software needed, for instance, to show the videos or graphics we provide on our website.

-  Your selected country and language preferences. If you select English as your preferred language it becomes the default language used automatically the next time you visit our website.

-  The selection of products in your shopping basket. If you deactivated cookies you will find that the shopping basket or other functions do not work properly.

-  Your movements on our website and how you use it. We do not collect personal data in that context but statistical data only that help us optimise our website.

Also, media agencies or affiliate marketing businesses that offer us marketing services are able to set cookies on our behalf. Their cookies are necessary to track the capabilities of our marketing campaigns. This enables us to adjust the content of our website more closely to your needs and thus improve the products/services we offer to you. These cookies do not save personal data.
Some cookies are effective until you quit your browser, others are saved for longer periods of time.

In addition, so-called „remarketing cookies“ may be installed while you are browsing our website. We use them to inform you of special offers and other information in adverts to increase your interest in visiting our website again. We do not collect any personal data through these adverts and they do not enable us to contact you. You remain absolutely anonymous. As explained below, you are able opt out of these cookies at any time.

How do I prevent cookies being set from the start?
Most web browsers accept cookies automatically. You can prevent cookies from being saved on your computer or device by changing the settings of your browser so that it does not accept cookies. Some browsers offer a special mode in which all cookies are generally deleted after every visit to a web site. In **Internet Explorer 8**, or younger versions, this function is called „InPrivate browsing“; „Incognito“ in the **Google Chrome** version 10 and younger, „Private mode“ in **Firefox**, version 3.5 and younger; „Private browsing“ in **Safari** version 2 and younger, and „Private tab“ in the **Opera** version 10.5 and younger. You will find precise instructions on how to change your cookie settings in the „Help“ area of your browser. You can delete cookies that have already been saved on your computer or on your device, at any time. If you decide to generally not accept cookies you can of course continue to visit and use our web site, however when cookies are deactivated we will not be able to guarantee you an optimal browsing experience and it is possible that certain content may not be available so that limited use would be possible only.

If you do not want us to use cookies to collect and analyse information about your visit to our web site you are free to object to them at any time for the future (opt-out).

In order to technically implement the opt-out option, a so-called „opt-out cookie“ is installed on your Internet browser. It exclusively serves to allocate your opt-out. Please note that for technical reasons an opt-out cookie can only be used for the Internet browser on which it was installed. This means that, in the event that you delete cookies or that you use a different Internet browser or a different terminal device, you will have to accept an opt-out cookie again for the new browser or terminal.

In addition, the following cookies can be set by the third parties we have selected as service providers:

1.) Social Plugins
a.) Facebook:
We use social plugins (buttons) of, operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. The plugins can be identified by the Facebook logo on the corresponding button. Every time you visit our website, the plugin causes the browser you use to download a corresponding image of the Facebook button. It informs Facebook that our website has been visited.

If you have a Facebook account and are logged into it when you access our website, Facebook will be able to see from the information collected by the plugin that you are visiting our website and will assign this information to your personal Facebook account. Regardless of whether you clicked on the Facebook button or not, the information that you visited our website will be passed on to Facebook.

If, in addition, you click on the „like“ button or make a comment, your browser will transmit the corresponding information directly to Facebook where it is saved in your profile. We have no detailed knowledge of how Facebook uses your personal data. We have no influence on it either. For information in this respect, please refer to Facebook’s privacy policy at:

If you do not want Facebook to collect data about you via our websites and to link such data with their own data, you have to log out of Facebook prior to visiting our website.
In addition, external tools for blocking Facebook’s social plugins with add-ons are available on the market for all standard browsers. For more information go to: 

b.) Pinterest
We also use is a service provided by Pinterest, Inc., 808 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA 94103, US. You will recognise it by the „Pin it“ button integrated into our website. It informs Pinterest that our website has been viewed. When you have a Pinterest user account and you are logged into it, Pinterest is able to allocate your visit to our website to your Pinterest account and then link the data with each other.  When you click on the „Pin it“ button on our web site, the data is transmitted to Pinterest and saved there. More information on the purposes and the amount of data collected, how it is processed and used by Pinterest, and on your rights and possibilities to change settings to protect your privacy, is available at:

If you do not want Pinterest to collect data about you via our website and to link them with your data there we recommend logging out of your Pinterest account before visiting our web site.
c.) Google+
We also use the „+1“ button of the Google+ service provided by the company Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA.

Every time our web site is visited, the plugin causes your browser to download a corresponding image of the Google +1 button. This way it informs Google that our website is being accessed.

We have no influence whatsoever on the data that Google may thus collect. To our knowledge, Google does not subsequently analyse your visit to our web site, provided you are not logged into your Google account.

If, however, you are logged into your Google account when accessing our website, Google is able to collect information about your Google account, the website you are recommending, and your IP address and other browser-related information, as soon as you click the „share+1" button. Your „+1“ recommendation can thus be saved and made publicly accessible. Together with your account name and with your Google photo, provided you uploaded one, it can be displayed as a note in search results, or in your Google account, or elsewhere, for example on websites and advertisements on the Internet.

It is also possible that Google may link your visit to our website with the data you saved with Google. We have no influence whatsoever on this process.

In order to best prevent your data from being collected by Google you have to log out of you Google account, if you have one, before visiting our website.

More information about Google’s corresponding privacy policy and other information on the collection, transfer, and use, of data by Google, on your profile settings options, and your corresponding rights, is available via the following link:

2.) Other plugins
In parts, we also use the plugins of various other social media service providers, e.g. „YouTube“. These plugins are displayed with their respective logos. When you click on one of these buttons, the required information is transmitted directly to these companies, i.e. services and saved there. **For more details on how these services and companies handle your personal data and on your corresponding rights, please refer to the data privacy policy of the corresponding service on its website.**

3.) Google Analytics
This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA. Google Analytics uses cookies that make it possible to analyse your use of our website. The information the cookie collects on your use of our website (including your IP address) is transmitted to a Google server in the US and saved there. Google will use the information thus obtained to analyse your use of our website to compile reports about website activities for the website operator (that is for us) and to provide further services related to the use of our website and of the Internet.

Google may also pass such information on to third parties if required by law or when a third party processes such data on Google’s behalf. We have no influence on this. To our knowledge, Google will certainly not link your IP address with other Google data. **You are able to prevent the installation of cookies by changing the settings of your Internet browser. Please read the corresponding instructions provided under „Cookies“.  Changing your browser settings may limit the functions you can use on our website.

You can prevent Google Analytics from collecting data by clicking on the following link. An opt-out cookie is then installed that will prevent your data from being collected in future when you visit this website:

In view of the current discussions regarding the use of analytics tools with full IP addresses, please note that this website uses Google Analytics with the extension „-anonymizeip“ so that IP addresses are processed in abbreviated form to prevent individuals from becoming identifiable through their IP addresses.