Our manufacture

High-quality fabrics combined with a skillful mix of a variety of materials and patters: Our designers create every collection with special care and great finesse. Apart from the high-value products, there is one particular ingredient that is specially important: a passion for best results. Our team works with enormous creativity and accuracy. We are proud of that.

With pencil, paper, needle and thread

At the Gronau-Epe site, every model is designed with great attention to detail and is sewn as a sample. Our designers work with pencil, paper, needle and thread and they prepare truly unique specimens. In this way, every new blouse is created as a modern craft.

Sure instinct

What makes our work special? We work with sure instinct during the design of our collections, produce exact cuts, and provide a particularly high-quality manufacture of the most modern materials. That is how we make every collection into something unique.


We manufacture eye-catchers: Details such as lace stitching, patches and a variety of buttons admittedly require a lot of attention during production but they also conjure a degree of "je ne sais quoi". Now every item of clothing is something truly special.

meticulous collaboration

High wearing comfort and a perfect fit are not an accidental product for us but the result of meticulous collaboration in the studio.